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"This is the portrait that started off the business. When friends saw the portrait of our then 3-year old Kara, they all wanted one!"

Steve, Dublin, Ireland

"Hello Steve, Wooooooo Excellent portrait of Tammy i love it! when can you send the Portrait out to me as i can't wait to put it up on my living room wall. Excellent. Cheers!"

Caroline, Edgware, Middlesex, UK

"Hiya Steve. Look's Excellent. Many thanks!"

Caroline, Middlesex, UK

"Steve, thanks for an excellent memory of the two boys lost in their own world strolling on the back roads of Cork."

Eamonn, Dublin, Ireland

"Oh my gosh that's amazing! The likeness is uncanny. I think the painting is absolutely fabulous. It's perfect!........the reaction was amazing. Most people are going up to touch it because they don't believe it’s a painting! Yes, that's perfect! This is definitely it!"

Fiona, Dublin, Ireland

"Yes, that's perfect! This is definitely it!"

Fiona, Dublin, Ireland

"It is excellent. Thanks for doing a grand job. I will certainly be in touch again if I ever need anything similar done. Thanks again! It is a brilliant picture!"

Jack, Somerset, UK

"My wife and friends loved it!"

John, Bristol, UK

"You may be pleased to learn that it was valued by an independant Art valuer for insurance purposes and we have been given a replacement value of £1300."

Floyd, Berkshire, UK

"Steve, did receive the painting, it came out really nice, my wife loves it. No problem if you use it on your website. May send you something in the future, thanks!"

Dave, Vineland, N.J., U.S.

"What can I say. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS !!! I couldn't be happier. It's even better then I expected. Just beautiful !!! It's amazing how realistic yet a painting. I love it. Something just told me Michael could pull it off, just as I had envisioned. Please tell him "thank you" for me. The shipping service was terrific. I received the delivery on Wednesday !!! The portrait arrived on my mother's 83rd birthday. I took that as a sign that my grandmother approved. My mother cried when she saw it and so did I. I'm more then happy to recommend your service you know that. By all means use the portrait to advertise. You should be very proud of your service. I'm sure I'll be in touch in the future. Keep me on your mailing list and e-mail me a copy of the advertisement you use the portrait in. Best to your beautiful family!"

Lynda, Mandevile, L.A., U.S.

"Just got the portrait of Kira. OH MY GOD! Everyone is saying it is the most incredible breathtaking painting of Kira they have ever seen! My mother wants to know if Michael can do another one for her! Wow what an amazing talented artist he is. Mom says he has captured her to a tee and she had tears in her eyes. Thank you very much Steve. Please convey my gratitude and admiration for Michael and his work."

Jim, New Jersey, USA

"Hi Steve, paintings came this morning (Thursday). Absolutely brilliant, many thanks!!! Reaction to last two paintings both sets of people were completely overwhelmed!"

Steve, High Wycombe, UK

"I have to tell you. I just hung the panels and this is by FAR the COOLEST painting I've ever bought on ebay!"

Vince, Ballwin, MO, USA

"I thought the painting was fantastic. You are gifted. Thank you so much!"

Geri, Washington, U.S.

"Just back from holidays. The painting is great. Seeing the quality of your work was why I chose you out of dozens of artists on the web. I know where to come to again next time."

Anne-Marie, Coventry, U.K.

"A fabulous Christmas present for my mother!"

Liam, Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Ireland

"Very impressed with your work!"

Jim, Minnesota, USA

"I recieved it, and it is immense, thank you very much. I will leave feedback as soon as I can think of what to say."

Jordan, Cardiff, Wales

"Everything turned out great! People can't believe it's a painting, and at such a great price!"

Lance and Tracy, CA, U.S.

"Hi Steve! I recieved the painting today, next door took it in. I had a quick look tonight when my husband was downstairs. It looks brilliant, its hard to believe its a painting, and worth the wait. If you want to use the painting for any port folio or anything feel free, and thanks once again, cheers!"

Sue, Bristol, U.K.

"I took your painting of me and my fish to Rossing Art and framing, he is very impressed with your work."

Gerry, Wodbury, MN, USA

The paintings arrived about half an hour after I emailed you. They are gorgeous thanks very much. I'll keep your email address as I would like a family one done for my 30th. Thanks again, I'll be recommending you to my friends. Hope you and your family have a great christmas!"

Kelly, Elgin, Scotland

"I received the Duke today and believe me I’m very pleased."

Gerry, Woodbury, MN, USA

"Thanks Steve. I showed Scott the canvas when it arrived today. He is well chuffed. Once it has been framed, will have it in our living room. He is such a spoilt @?*!"

Liz, Fort William, Scotland

"Hi Steve, I just received the painting and it is AMAZING! Yes, you may use the painting for your portfolio. Thanks again!"

Monika, Homestead, FL, USA

"I received the painting today and it looks incredible. I am very happy with it. A friend of mine saw it at the office today and commented that he wanted a similar painting done. If it is alright with you I will e-mail him your contact info. Thanks again!"

Adam, Texas, USA

"Hi Steve, At last, the painting you produced back in February, has been framed in preparation for my mum's 60th Birthday on the 11th of July. Cheers for everything and for a great product. All the best!"

Pete, Dorset, UK

"Great Painting!!!"

Rob, Sakhalin Island, Russia

"I received the painting today and I really like it!"

Gerry, Woodbury, MN, USA

"Your talent is amazing!"

Monika, West Chazy, NY, USA

"Hi Steve, thanks for the lovely oil painting!"

Rob, Schull, Cork, Ireland

"The pictures are spectacular - especially LOVE the one of Mom and Willie looking out at the camera! Artist did a great job!!!"

Karen, San Antonio, TX, USA

"You are the BEST!"

Karen, San Antonio, TX, USA

"Hi Steve! The picture looks great! I can't wait to put it up!"

Melissa, Delray beach, FL, USA

"We think this is absolutely gorgeous! We want to order more, how do we do it? Thank you so much, you've made our thanksgiving!!!"

Steve, Santa Paula, USA

The painting just arrived and it is spectacular!!! I just love how you cropped it! ...and it has everything I could have wished for in it - except maybe Mom jumping off the canvas to give me a big hug! Thank you! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!"

Karen, San Antonio, TX, USA

"Best portrait I've seen in a long time!"

Seán, Dublin, Ireland

"Steve it arrived today and it is marvelous! Another job well done!"

Floyd, Berkshire, UK

"That will do nicely sir!"

Floyd, Berkshire, UK

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