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Your own photograph transformed into a work of art

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:   I would love a portrait of my two children on a 20” x 24” canvas. Can you give me a price for this?

A1: Click here to check our pricelists in £sterling, $dollars, and €Euros for most common sizes and different numbers of subjects.

Q2:   Would it be possible to have a painting shipped already on a frame?

A2: Yes. Paintings can be supplied stretched and framed.

Q3:   What is the maximum size that can be done?

A3: As big as you can go. 48” x 72” is the record to date!

Q4:   What do you suggest for photo choices?

A4: When taking your photo, you might consider the following:

  • Be careful with the background – plain background may be best.

  • The light is often much better outdoors

  • If the background is difficult, get down low and shoot with the sky behind

  • Shoot with the sun to the side or behind the camera.

  • If the sun is behind your subject, use a flash, but not too close.

  • Try to fill the frame with head & shoulders.

  • The eyes are probably the most important feature of the portrait.

  • Make something happen to get your subject animated.

Q5:   How much is shipping and handling to Canada?

Q6:   How long does it take for you to do one of your portraits?

A6: Approximately 4 to 6 weeks from confirmation of your order to shipping. It depends on the volume of business at the time of your order.

Q7:   Can you omit some detail from the background of the photo?

A7: Many customers choose to have details removed (lamp-posts, passers-by, trees, fences, shadows). Some customers choose to omit the background altogether. The choice is yours!

Q8:   Could you do a family portrait (three members) 16” x 20”?

A8: Yes. See some examples in our family gallery. One of our family portraits was recently valued at Sterling£1300.

Q9:   Do you do oil paintings of dogs?

A9: Yes. You can include any animals in your photo. Even a racehorse and jockey!

Q10: I’m looking for a painting of ‘The Cliffs Of Moher’. Can you do that?

A10: Yes. I am currently working with some top photographers in Ireland to bring you portraits of Irish landscapes. Or, of course, you can send me your own!

Q11: What size photo must be sent in?

A11: The better the photo quality, the more detail that can be added to the painting. However, some superb paintings have been produced from poor quality images.

Q12: Can I post you a photo to see if it is ok for a painting?

A12: If you wish to post a photo, use the address on our Contact page. Click here for Contact page.

Q13: Will my photo be returned?

A13: Yes. Your photo will be returned along with your completed painting.

Q14: I have an old photo which I would love to have transformed into a portrait. It is a little damaged. Can you still use it?

A14: Yes! You can send us the photo for evaluation. Use the address on our Contact page. We will advise whether we can produce a portrait. Your photo will be returned to you in any case.

Q15: What is the most common size portrait?

A15: I recommend that you decide where the portrait will be positioned and determine the size that will work best in that position. Any custom size can be provided.

Q16: Can you paint a nice photo of Willie Nelson for me?

A16: Yes. Please send me your preferred photo and it’s source.

Q17: Can you do a portrait 18.5" x 18.5" as I have a frame that size?

A17: We can do this size portrait for you or any other custom size for you - please make this clear on your order form.

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